“At it’s core, the role of a Coach is to support someone to extend the horizon of their own thinking”

Our most powerful asset is our own mind. A mind that can find its soaring potential hemmed in by limiting assumptions. These can originate from our early life experience, the social systems we inhabit, and the experience life’s journey offers. Limiting assumptions can emerge as perfectionism, addiction of all kinds (including work), imposter syndrome, and through many other expressions.

Working with teams brings all the same factors into play, but adds the rich complexity of multiple personalities, relationships and agendas; the impact and needs of the various layers of stakeholder systems involved; and a context where VUCA 1 has become the norm. Team coaching can range from surfacing and coalescing around vision and purpose; through the creation of sufficient psychological safety to enable a team to do its best work; to creating the space and environment to have the difficult conversations that need to be had and yet have remained below the surface. The impact can be profound, significantly improving both team performance and morale.

“An exciting journey into how to become a cohesive and effective team”

I like to work systemically, looking beyond the individual or team to acknowledge their place within, and impact of, their wider context. I am trained and certified in Time to Think, coaching constellations and a number of psychometrics. But more important than what I do is how I am experienced, which is described as present, calm, gently supportive and always without judgement.