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Andy Fryer

Andy Fryer is a professional coach who supports senior executives to become more effective by improving their ability to lead, manage and work as a team. He retrained as a coach following a long career in various leadership roles, including over 30 years in the Royal Air Force, followed by periods as a COO of a technology start-up and Chairman of the Board of a charity. Andy draws on this experience, along with a degree in psychology, an MBA and a number of post-graduate coaching qualifications, to offer one-to-one Executive Coaching and both Team Facilitation and Coaching

Andy’s approach stems directly from his belief in human potential to respond positively to whatever challenge lies ahead and to be a force for good in the world. He believes what gets in the way are often limiting assumptions and he loves to work with people to create the conditions necessary for these to be exposed, challenged and removed. He does this by creating a confidential place of psychological safety to enable a client to explore issues without judgement or feeling rushed. It takes time to navigate new thinking. The critical importance of emotional intelligence also features in Andy’s work, particularly when supporting leaders to lean into ambiguity, uncertainty, and complexity.

Andy is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and is a certified Time to Think Coach. He is a fellow of the Institute for Leadership and Management and a member of the British Psychological Society.

Hilarie Fryer

Hilarie originally trained as a medical secretary before going on to qualify as a Nurse. This saw her take on a wide variety of roles from running the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at St Thomas’ through a Fertility Clinic in Harley Street to a Senior Practice Nurse position in rural Somerset, all interleaved with raising two children.

She now runs the back office for Sycamore Coaching, in parallel with helping to care for her three grandchildren and walking her dog Brodie.


I am privileged to work in partnership with a number of exceptional coaches as associates, each of whom brings a unique set of skills and experience. Aside from giving me the opportunity to work alongside people I like and respect, this also allows me to scale to meet larger tasks, as well as match coach to customer with more fidelity.

Denise Tyrrell

Denise is passionate about developing leadership talent, teams and engaging staff to make a real difference for themselves, customers, their organisation and community. 

As an experienced executive business coach (ILM7) she supports leaders at all levels to reach their potential through confidential coaching and 360-degree feedback. She brings expertise in creating positive and productive team and organisational cultures through team building, facilitation, after action reviews and lean thinking approaches. 

She is currently working with clients in construction and health. Denise is an advisory board member in health research and innovation and utilises research and best practice evidence in all aspects of her business.

Steve Garnett

20 years experience in leading Lean transformations in multiple sectors, as a Lean consultant and operations leader.

Steve has a rich tool set blending A3 thinking, Lean, 6 Sigma and a variety of problem solving approaches. 

His leadership approach has proved highly transferable: developing and deploying strategy to the point of impact to make rapid and sustainable change happen.


Certifications and qualifications

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